As part of our consultancy work, we operate our own initial assessment. This guarantees that our recommendations reflect a detailed understanding of the student’s personality as well as their academic strengths & weaknesses. From this information, we are in a good position to identify and find the educational institutions that this student will flourish in.

Our assessment includes the following:

  • An initial conversation, covering the student’s attitudes and perceptions to education as well their likes & dislikes and personality more commonly. This helps us to gain better understanding of what kind of institution the student would like to see themselves in as well as the educational culture that would best fit and suit them.
  • Our assessment covers comprehension, reading, spelling, reasoning and mathematics. It will vary depending upon the age of the student. Kindly note that the assessments are used to assess the student’s verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills, as well as their learning style, personality and academic aims.

All of this information will help us to provide advice upon the best school and university options. We can then put together a learning programme that will support the child’s needs and motivate them to achieve their full academic potential.


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