Our tutors are fully- prepared to address any additional learning needs

We have private tutors for all levels. This may include special educational needs (SEN). We provide one-to-one in-person tuition and online tuition.  

Our Tutoring Subjects

We offer hundreds of private tutoring subjects including ——-

Subjects Offered                          Study Levels                           Prices                               

Our main focus areas                                            

English                                                                      Primary (KS1, KS2)  / Primary (1 -7)           School (Primary, secondary & Higher) 

 Maths                                                                       Common Entrance (11+)                               Prices start from £20 per hour

Science – Biology, Chemistry & Physics             Secondary (KS3) / Secondary ( 1 – 3)

Economics                                                                BTEC ( 1, 2, 3)                                                University ( Undergrad & Postgrad) 

European languages                                               GCSE (KS4) / Nationals 3 -5                      Prices start from £30 per hour

History                                                                         A-Levels (KS5) / Highers

Geography                                                                  IB                                                                  Professional ( Admission Tests)

Religious Studies                                                       American (K – 12) Curriculum                  Prices start from £35 per hour


We cover many other subjects at University                  Adult Learners                               Professional ( Chartered Qualifications)

including Actuarial, Accounting, Biology,                        Pre – University                              Prices start from £40 per hour

Business, Chemistry, Computer Science,                        University

Dissertations, Economics, Econometrics, 

English Literature, Mathematics, Statistics,

Quantitative Methods, SPSS, and STATA   

We offer hundreds of private tutoring subjects


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