EducateNest provides educational consultation to families who wish to send their children to independent schools in the UK. Our advisory team are expert and experienced in providing school-specific support in preparation for school selection and entry from nursery up to 16+. EducateNest team of consultants have a great experience in placing students at top private UK schools. We not only have experience placing students in top senior schools, but also have comprehensive knowledge in to UK prep schools.

EducateNest Consultants assists families with finding the right school for their child. To do this, we start with carrying out an assessment of the child to find their current academic level, skills and abilities. At EducateNest, we know how significant school rankings are to most parents, but our education consultants will always try to balance placing students at top academic institutions to the right fit for the student. Every school has a different set of values, and due to our consultant’s vast experience in this field, we can always guarantee that we will only recommend schools that are suited to your child enabling them to flourish.

When selecting a school, we consider about the family’s requirements in addition to the child’s academic levels. For example, would a day school or boarding school be better? Would the family prefer a single sex or co-educational school? Are sports, foreign languages or volunteering facilities an important factor?

Our educational advisors have worked in UK schools as teachers & senior leaders in the past and their support guarantees that our recommendations reflect current thinking on best educational practice.


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