Our Tutor Selection Process

Our tutor assessment process is highly selective


  1. Potential tutors apply on our website with a CV and covering letter. They answer detailed questions on their academic background and teaching experience.


  1. We review numerous CVs and cover letters before short-listing the most appropriate candidates for telephone screening.


  1. We invite a small selection of tutors to interview.


  1. The first part of the interview is a lesson which is prepared in advance by the tutor but needs to be adapted on the day according to the needs of the student. The student is one of our assessors. Our team of assessors is made up of our most experienced and highest performing tutors. They are chosen by our Founding Director, Adnan Jabbar, who is a PGCE Qualified Teacher (QTS), NPQSL Qualified Senior School Leader, and Part Qualified Actuary.

  1. The second part of the interview is a self-assessment, in which the tutor is encouraged to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson they gave. This gives us an insight into the tutor’s self-reflection and their ability to improve their own teaching practice.

  1. The third and final part of the interview is a general discussion about the tutor’s teaching strategies and beliefs. This gives us further insight into the personality and teaching style of the private tutor in question.

  1. Successful candidates then enter into a contract for services with EducateNest and agree to be bound by our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy. Contracts require tutors to deliver high-quality tuition by being suitably qualified and experienced and fully prepared, based on a particular student’s specific needs. 


  1. Once we have started introducing the tutor to clients, we listen very carefully to their client feedback, to ensure that they are continually meeting the highest standards.


We also conduct thorough background checks

Our tutors often tell us that we are more detailed and take better care with our background checks than other agencies. We know our clients care deeply about this and that they expect nothing but the highest inspection, so we take it very seriously.

​Checks consist of:

  1. An ID check, to prove the tutor is who they claim to be and is allowed to undertake self-employed private tuition work in the UK.

  1. A Qualifications check, to prove the tutor has genuinely obtained excellent academic credentials relevant to the subjects they will be tutoring.

  1. A DBS check, to ensure there is no criminal background making them unsuitable to work as a private tutor.

  1. A Testimonials check, to get an outside viewpoint on the tutor’s teaching skills, reliability and personality. Wherever possible we take these testimonials from their previous clients/students, or those who have observed the tutor teaching.


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Adnan Jabbar – Co-Founder and Director

Qualified Senior School Leader, Qualified Teacher , MSc Actuarial Science


Adnan is a fully qualified teacher and

qualified senior school leader with over 15

years of experience. Adnan has worked as a

mathematics teacher, senior school leader,

and Curriculum & Instructional Designer at

school, college and university level in

England, Scotland, Saudi Arabia and United

Arab Emirates.


Adnan holds a Master of Science degree in Actuarial Science from Glasgow Caledonian University, PGDE Secondary Maths from University of Strathclyde, and BSc Mathematics and Statistics. He holds a fully qualified Mathematics teacher (with QTS) and qualified senior school leader (NPQSL) status, UK. He is also a Part Qualified Actuary with Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK. In my most recent post, he had worked as a Mathematics Assistant Professor and Instructional Design Specialist for University of New Haven, USA. Adnan also worked as an Education Advisor for Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia.


Adnan has a strong passion for teaching and helping students succeed. He can create a teaching environment that is unique in character and designed to meet the needs of a specific location. He is also currently working as an Education Advisor for Edtech companies.


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A Team You Can Rely On

Our expert and friendly team is here to support and help you every step of the way. Whether you are tutor, applicant or client.

All of us at EducateNest share one aim: ensure every student fulfils their potential – resulting in increased confidence, life-long intellectual curiosity & academic success. By giving our clients access to the excellent possible tuition and and educational consultancy, we work cooperatively and collaboratively to achieve this.